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About AVProSupply

For nearly a decade, we have been in the AV industry as a retailer, doing business as BZB Express, our parent company. Expanding on our operations, we now cater to the AV Integrators, Dealers, Consultants, Government, Medical and Educational channels. Our mission is to provide a complete solution of premium audio visual products for residential/commercial markets.

Introducing AVProSupply; a new distribution channel that works exclusively with award winning manufacturers to deliver innovative AV products and solutions.

Our Vision:
Just as our motto implies; we are the Audio Visual Complete Solution Provider.

AVProSupply was founded with the mission of distributing AV products through innovation for high quality solution with efficiency in fulfillment and delivery; and with our professional advice we can offer tailored consultation on the most reliable products and brands.

Our value proposition is to provide the AVProSupply (H.E.A.R) experience by helping you, the professionals, to successfully complete your projects and to offer the best possible solutions and products to your customers.

AVProSupply - H.E.A.R:

High Quality Products:
We provide you with the right equipments for an ultimate synergy of performance at a job site.

Efficiency in Fulfillment and Delivery:
With the right information and request, we can deliver products nationwide within 24-48 hours, free shipping and handling on selective price point are also available. More importantly, we offer the latest solutions and products.

Advise-Pro: Free consultations on custom solutions and equipment that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Reliable Strategic Partnership: The experienced AVProsupply team understand that going above and beyond clients needs build trust. Our partners can be confident that our commitment to their success is paramount.

We only offer the most trusted brands, warranties, terms and service in the AV Industry.

Thank you for visiting us at avprosupply.com , your feedback is important to us and we hope to see you at our showroom, next trade show or industry event.

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