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S-Video Switcher

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  • SB-5425 4x2 Auto S-Video/Audio Switcher by Shinybow
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    SB-5425 4x2 Auto S-Video/Audio Switcher by Shinybow

    The SB-5425 is one of the most innovative Video / Audio switching products on the market today. The SB-5425 is an Auto Switcher for Composite Video / Stereo Audio signals.
    SKU: SB-5425
    Brand: Shinybow
    • $182.55
  • SB-5440SV 8x1 S-Video Switcher by Shinybow
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    SB-5440SV 8x1 S-Video Switcher by Shinybow

    Shinybow SB-5440SV is a high performance S-Video Switch with remote control. Simply pressing a button on the remote or on the front panel of the switch you can select either one of the 8 desired source to be routed to a connected TV, plasma screen,
    SKU: SB-5440SV
    Brand: Shinybow
    • $236.25
  • SB-5450 4x2 S-Video Matrix Switch by Shinybow
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    SB-5450 4x2 S-Video Matrix Switch by Shinybow

    4x2 S-Video/Composite Video/Analog Audio Matrix Switcher is designed to work as a switcher for multiple Audio/Video sources and displays. Any or all of the 4 inputs can simultaneously be switched to either or both of the 2 outputs. Suitable for TV,
    SKU: SB-5450
    Brand: Shinybow
    • $263.25

S-Video Switcher

S-Video Switcher
S-Video switchers are commonly used in AV applications including training facilities, boardrooms and home theaters. When searching for the right S-Video switcher for your application, keep in mind that S-Video uses two types of connectors which are RCA and BNC. If the components that you plan on connecting have these connector types, then you are fine. S-Video Switchers are made in different flavors including a simple 4 input by 1 output switcher, fixed input and output, matrix, modular as well as seamless. In addition, controlling many S-Video switchers is simple using the front panel buttons, IR or RS-232. We stock the most advanced S-Video switchers from industry leading manufacturers including Atlona, Gefen, Kramer, Hall Research, Shinybow, TVOne, Matrox and many more. If you are still confused and have questions, please give as a call regarding your application and we’ll certainly point you towards the right direction.