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The AV market consists of many different Audio Visual formats. Different formats require different connections, which lead to different cables for each format. The purpose of cables is to interconnect AV components with each other to allow signal transmission and reception for better communication. Cables are used anywhere and everywhere. Homes, businesses, live events, hospitals and military all require the use of cables. A home theater receiver to your TV or a sports bar with multiple displays needs the reinforcement of cables. Large applications including infrastructures or parking garages will need long running cables for security cameras. In many working environments, a cable or cables is likely needed. In our era of technology, the demand for cables will always be present. Choosing the right cable for a specific application is the challenge. The National Fire Protection Association has published the NEC (National Electrical Code) which is a 600+ page document which details the code required for many electrical applications. The purpose of the NEC is to prevent harm to human health as well as safety from wiring. For example, an in-wall application is a class 3 rating better known as CL3. A simple scenario is if you need to run a cable in ventilation channels or behind a fireplace, a plenum rated cable is necessary. Plenum rated cables have jackets and dielectrics that help manage toxic fumes than can spread through a ventilation system if the cable is burned. In addition, when it comes to choosing the correct cable paying attention to length is critical. In general, longer cables have a high tendency to lose quality and decrease signal. A great example is using a 50ft HDMI cable to connect a Blu-Ray player to your HDTV. With an HDMI format, anything that is 50ft or over will not receive a strong signal and in some case no signal. Consider using an HDMI extender in this type of situation to get maximum signal and resolution from your HDTV. We, at AVProSupply pride ourselves in distributing high quality premium cables and many brands we carry have a lifetime warranty. We are partnered with Atlona, Kramer, Gefen, Hall Research, Avenview, Purelink, Key Digital and Aurora when it comes to NEC rated cables. Let us help you save time in finding the right cable for your next project.