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Atlona to Debut 4K HDR Integration Problem-Solvers at ISE 2017

ise atlonaWith ISE 2017 just around the corner, Atlona plans to debut two devices to tackle AV integration-related issues: Etude Sync (AT-ETU-SYNC) and AT-HDR-M2C. Built for HDR video systems and 4K UHD, they will solve installation and system problems arising from signal integrity, EDID communication, and audio/video format compatibility.


Etude Sync AT-ETU-SYNC

The Etude Sync is an EDID emulator with Hot Plug Detection that’s conveniently powered by USB. It can identify and fix bad signals, related to cabling and connections, as well as compatibility issues between a source device and destination. The Etude Sync can also address HDCP compliance at the sink and source. It maintains EDID communication with the source device by transporting EDID from the display or its internal memory.

etude sync at etu sync


The AT-HDR-M2C is an audio converter that obtains and downmixes Dolby, DTS, and multi-channel PCM from HD sources. It has an HDMI input with pass-through and provides downmixed stereo audio over HDMI, TOSLINK digital audio, and two-channel analog unbalanced audio outputs. The AT-HDR-M2C can de-embed HDMI audio with or without a connected destination.

This audio converter possesses EDID management abilities along with audio volume and bass/treble controls. These can be controlled by Ethernet using the Atlona Management System (AMS), web GUI, or other control system.

at hdr m2c

The Etude Sync and AT-HDR-M2C will be available April 2017. Both devices are backed by Atlona’s 10-year limited product warranty and customer support services. Be sure to stop by AVProSupply to discover more from Atlona as well as thousands of other great products from trusted brands. And give us a ring 1.888.902.3309 or email us at sales@avprosupply.com for product information or any of your application inquiries—we love a challenge!


How Our New Demo Room Connects All Your Senses

demo room video wall

Have you ever been to a grocery store and at the end of an aisle was someone cooking? Your eyes widen and mouth waters, as your nose leads you to that delectable aroma. This is known as a product demonstration, or “demo” for short. A demo is a promotion of a product being sampled to inform and generate interest. Demoing products is a fantastic way for the customer to get a firsthand, tangible experience with a particular item.


demo room full view


The benefits of a demo room

As we welcome 2017, we’d also like to welcome the newest addition to the AVProSupply office—a demo room! As a distributor for professional AV and broadcast equipment, we realize the promise of our partner vendors. The importance of a demo room cannot be overstated: it allows us to discover the full potential and functionality of their products. Our team can fully immerse themselves in new technology. We can evaluate, review, and compare the host of devices from our trusted partners. Additionally, our partners can utilize our demo room to conduct presentations and showcases.


Demo room creates a worry-free customer experience

Ultimately, the demo room is for our customers. By further educating our team on the products we carry, we can better educate our customers. Therefore, finding more efficient solutions to each of their unique applications. Customers will also have the opportunity to preview devices they are interested in. This will offer peace of mind and a risk-free environment when deciding on their investment.


We’re excited for all the possibilities and ideas our demo room will invite. Be sure to stop by AVProSupply and contact us with your application inquiries—we’re eager to be challenged! And we’re certain our demo room will provide an experience as appetizing as those sausage links grilling down the meat aisle.


5 Unsung-Hero, Practical Gadgets from CES 2017

CES logo

When we think CES, we think B-I-G. We want the flashiest, most outrageous technology of the 21st century. But many times it’s the simple, practical gadgets that leave the biggest imprints. They are the unsung heroes of the show and we’ve selected a handful to sing their praises.

surecall flare

1. SureCall Flare Signal Booster

Can you hear me now? You sure can with the SureCall Flare. SureCall debuted its newest innovation at CES 2017 and garnered recognition as a CES Innovation Award Honoree. The Flare is the first of its kind to combine an indoor antenna and signal booster into a single device. The kit includes an outdoor antenna that captures the cell tower signal and sends it to the booster. The booster then amplifies and rebroadcasts your voice, text, and data 2,500 square feet around the home or office. It can support eight users simultaneously on all North American cell carriers.

SureCall Flare will be available Q1 2017; price: $399.


sleep number 360 smart bed

2. Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

You won’t get cold feet when deciding on this investment. A built-in heater warms the foot of the bed and bakes those little piggies of yours! The 360 smart bed collects data and reacts to your sleep positions—so when you switch, it switches. But the feature most will appreciate, is the one that keeps the yard work in the yard. That’s right, the 360 can help quiet that lawn mower next to you by gently raising their head when it senses snoring. I hope I am not dreaming.

Sleep Number 360 will be available H1 2017; price: TBA.

 goal zero yeti lithium 3000

3. Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 3000

1.21 gigawatts?! While the Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 3000 can’t power a flux capacitor for time travel, it can power just about everything else. From phones to fridges to power tools, it has your back. Lithium-ion batteries have replaced previous models’ lead-acid batteries, shaving significant size and weight to allow easier transportation. Improvements also include a more powerful AC inverter, a smart screen to monitor power consumption and battery level, faster charge times through solar or AC, and the ability to connect with other batteries for longer runtimes.

Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 3000 will be available Q2 2017; price: TBA.


willow wearable breast pump

4. Willow Wearable Breast Pump

What’s that sound? If you didn’t hear anything, you are correct. My wife’s breast pump sounded like the offspring of a vacuum and old computer printer. The Willow wearable breast pump solves this by being discreet in sound and appearance. It is the only wearable pump that fits in a mother’s bra, allowing her the freedom to run out on errands, sit in a conference call, or just lie down completely flat and relax. The pump is smart enough to sense different milk production levels and adjust pump modes accordingly. A circular bag with a one-way valve prevents spillage. Additionally, the Willow pairs with an app to track pumping times and volume.

Willow will be available spring 2017; price: $429.

fisher price think and learn smart cycle

5. Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle

Tour de Indoors. With TVs and electronic devices practically everywhere, it’s a daily challenge limiting our little ones’ screen exposure. We try our best to police this but when we do allow them access, why not let it be fun, educational, and healthy. Fisher-Price presented the Think & Learn Smart Cycle, an upgrade of their previous Smart Cycle. Now instead of hooking up to a TV via cables, you connect to a tablet via Bluetooth. Kids complete educational games by pedaling through levels. The Smart Cycle’s combination of activity tracking and STEM-based learning provides a genuine way for youngsters to exercise their minds as well as their bodies.

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle will be available fall 2017; price: $150.


Internet of Things Will Dominate CES 2017 and Our World

modern city diorama, wireless sensor network, internet of things


“Alexa, what are you most excited to see at CES 2017?”
“Myself, of course, along with all the other Internet of Things.”

CES 2017 kicks off today and there will be a trove of absurdly fantastic (and some just absurd) technology on display. From TVs and drones to smart cars and smart home appliances, CES will have it all. But the one constant in all of these things is the Internet of Things. What exactly is the Internet of Things? Well, IoT is basically the concept of connecting a device to the internet to collect and exchange data. From the simple ability to turn on your house lights with your smartphone to the remarkable feat of monitoring bridge safety through sensors, the IoT is already all around us—and it is still only in its infancy.

Alexa is surprising everyone

Amazon made a splash at last year’s CES, but it was a very stealthy one. They did not have a booth yet were seemingly everywhere, thanks to Alexa. Alexa began as the AI voice inside the company’s Echo speaker, but has now branched off into a variety of third-party products.

I had the luxury of conversing with Alexa for the first time when we visited my brother-in-law over the holidays. Initially unimpressed with the idea of a voice-activated assistant, as I hardly even use Siri on my iPhone, I quickly became engaged and curious as to what the Echo’s capabilities were and could be. From telling the time and weather to turning on the family room TV, this little speaker packs endless possibilities. It can also liven up a party, as it did ours, by playing holiday music and even starting a trivia game (Jeopardy! anyone?).

IoT in the AV industry

The AV industry has been implementing IoT into their devices for decades with device-to-device communications and is now delving into device-to-cloud. An example of device-to-device would be point-to-point extenders. Extenders use CAT cables to extend an HDMI signal to another room of your home or another office down the hall at work. An example of device-to-cloud would be a KVM over IP solution (KVM meaning keyboard, video, and mouse). Instead of an IT contractor traveling to each company he assists, he can now remotely control all the systems from his home.

With great power comes great responsibility

Although the concept of IoT has intentions for a safer, more efficient world, it also welcomes the unwelcomed: invasion of privacy and security. As evidenced by the botnet attacks of last year, devices like surveillance cameras and digital video recorders can be hacked with more ease since they are not as protected as computers. And companies can collect user data and tendencies to market to you a certain way or adjust rates based on their findings. I am curious to see how companies will address these concerns at this year’s CES, if they do at all.

With 20+ billion IoT devices expected to be installed come 2020 (and some predicting numbers much higher), IoT technology will be everywhere whether we are ready for them or not. As long as companies invest the proper time and resources towards security, I believe our world will spin a lot smoother knowing the foundations of our buildings and bridges are stable—and that my fridge is never void of beer again.


How to Consolidate Your Devices with a 4K HDMI Switch Box

HDMI cablesHow will a 4K HDMI switch box benefit your home theater system and your sanity? Say you have six different HDMI devices including a cable box and gaming system, but not enough inputs on your TV. As a result, you embark on the never-ending mission of switching ports. Creeping up to your TV, you prop yourself against the wall and reach blindly into the abyss of cables and cobwebs. Your fingers fish around and catch hold of a few cables, and like your favorite action hero deciding whether to cut the red or green wire, you find yourself in the same predicament. Your arm begins to tire and unwelcomed sweat invites itself on your brow. You steady your hand and grasp one of the cables. But before you commit to disconnecting, you quickly grab the other cable, shut your eyes, and pull!

I enjoy a good suspense story, but let’s keep the suspense (and all the action) for the movies and not the setup. Enter DVDO’s Quick6R 4K Ultra HD HDMI switcher—now say that three times fast! This 4K HDMI switch box has six HDMI inputs to connect six compatible devices, while the two HDMI outputs can run two displays simultaneously, or one display and one AV receiver. Featuring InstaPrevue technology, you get a live picture-in-picture preview of each connected HDMI device, removing the guesswork when switching between them all. An auto-switch feature further simplifies the process by determining what you want to watch when turning particular devices on or off, and then automatically switching to the desired source. Couple that with InstaPort S technology, which delivers near-instantaneous switching, and you have a simple, seamless solution for handling your many devices.


DVDO Quick6R 4K HDMI switch box (front)

DVDO Quick6R 4K HDMI switch box (back)


The newest feature of the Quick6R is its support of the Roku Streaming Stick, providing instant access to over 1500 channels in 1080p video quality. Just insert the Roku Streaming Stick into one of the two MHL ports and you’re ready to stream—no wires or additional remote needed as the Quick6R remote supports full Roku functionality.

What also sets the Quick6R from other professional HDMI switchers is the ability to integrate with existing AV receivers, saving you cost and time. Not only does it upgrade your current home theater with the latest audio and visual features, but it also future-proofs you with 4K Ultra HD support.

Drop by our online store for more information on the DVDO Quick6R and other 4K HDMI switch boxes. Or give us a ring at 1.888.902.3309.

About DVDO

DVDO, Inc. offers award-winning video connectivity solutions for professionals and end users. Their line of video switchers, processors, and wireless adapters features the latest advancements. This ensures the highest professional-quality video from various sources across an array of displays.



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Think BIG CEDIA 2016

Think BIG CEDIA 2016

The ever-changing technology & audiovisual industry will get to strut their stuff at CEDIA 2016. Comprising of over 3,700 member companies, CEDIA’s theme of “THINK BIG” will be taken to none other than the Lone Star State of Texas in Dallas. Exhibitors, CEDIA members, and attendees will celebrate special events such as CEDIA talks, panels, feature sessions, innovative products, and mind-blowing gadgets. The CEDIA organization continues to empower integrators and installers equally by offering enriching training programs designed to drive their knowledge and skill set to the next level.

Members will own unrestricted access to the show floor from September 15–17 with an opportunity to learn with the CEDIA all-access training pass. Attendees will have a chance to expand their education, grow their network, and be inspired by renowned strategists and industry visionaries. The opportunity to engage and catechise manufacturing engineers, developers, and designers of front line electronics is also a wonderful way to get acumen on what the future holds.


Atlona Evolves 4K Distribution With OmniStream™

Atlona Technologies has been an industry leader since 2003 and has solidified themselves as experts in distributing and managing just about every AV signal type. Their expertise and inspired solutions have brought confidence to their partner resellers and loyal clients. Serving large corporations, small businesses, classrooms, hospitality venues, and residences, Atlona’s solutions have become the staple of business operations.

With no signs of slowing down, Atlona continues to innovate with an all-new AV over IP product. OmniStream is a solution for 4K distribution of audio, video, and control over a standard Gigabit network. OmniStream was born from the demand for high-density encoding and decoding, secure content distribution, and critical qualityOmniStream_logo of 4K video compression with low latency. Additionally, OmniStream provides audio distribution via Dante™ technology which is comprised of software, hardware, and network protocols that transport uncompressed, multi-channel, low-latency digital audio over a regular Ethernet network via Layer 3 IP packets.

Our AVProSupply team is excited about Atlona’s OmniStream product line and proud of the opportunity to provide a smarter solution for our 4K needs and secure content distribution. And with InfoComm 2016 just around the corner, we are sure to learn more about OmniStream and the bright future that lies ahead.


The Economic ANI-QUAD-MINI Multiviewer with Seamless Switching Technology Stands Tall Besides the Competition.

Every so often we come across a product that is worth more than its price. In the AV industry, when we come across a product that offers seamless technology we often assume it comes with a heavy price tag. Well, not all seamless AV products will reach deep into our pockets, let alone work flawlessly.

A-NeuVideo has developed an outstanding product in the ANI-QUAD-MINI HDMI Quad Screen Multiviewer. The QUAD-MINI provides simultaneously displays in real-time HDMI or DVI video from four different sources on a single screen. Utilizing the QUAD-MINI’s seamless technology, this unit can display the video sources in Picture in Picture (PIP), quad mode or full screen. Also, audio and video can easily be extended up to 250″ feet with the use of a single category cable. Let’s break down the awesome features of this affordable unit.

Quad Mode: The screen splits into four fields of equal size each displaying the entire contents of four different video sources. The resolution is fluid, real-time video performance with 60 frames per second (fps) in all four quadrants.

Full-Screen Mode: One of the four video sources displays full-screen at maximum resolution.

Picture in Picture (PIP) Mode: The full-screen displays one of the four video sources and is accompanied by three small thumbnails of the three other video sources. On the right side of the margin allows simultaneous monitoring of the other sources.

The video below is a great demonstration of how powerful and seamless the transitions are from mode to mode.

The ANI-QUAD-MINI has so much more to offer such as compliance with HDMI 1.3a and HDCP 1.2. This unit also supports up and down scaling functions and digital audio formats. When it comes to control, the front panel buttons, IR remote, RS-232 and 3rd party controllers are supported. Click here to view the full specification sheet or call us to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.


Large Residential Application Solution featuring the Atlona Matrix Switchers

Imagine this residential installation opportunity, your client approaches you and explains that he is renovating a large historic home and desires to have 16 zones of audio and video throughout the home. The first thought that pops into your mind involves a dollar sign and then some excitement. Once that rush of anticipation fades the reality sets in that this could be a tough job and its needs to be done right.

To do this job “right” you will need to consider the challenges that this type of installation will impose. For starters how do you manage 16 zones of A/V? In today’s world, our signals are mostly digital which means you will need to manage effectively EDID and find a way to play nicely with Hollywood content in the form of HDCP. You can also bet anytime you’re working with more than six zones you are going to need to distribute signals beyond the distance limitations of conventional HDMI cabling. You will likely also run into displays of different resolutions, conflicting audio formats between zones, wiring challenges incumbent to a historic project and of course room aesthetics.


The job will be challenging, but rest assured Atlona Technologies has the solutions to these challenges. For large residential installation such as this one, Atlona offers matrix switchers in two purposeful configurations of 8×8 and 16×16. A matrix switcher is a device that allows you to input a signal from multiple sources such as cable boxes, satellite receivers, Blu-ray players, media players, music servers and more. Those signals can then route in any configuration to all the different displays located around the home. The matrix switch solves the challenge of managing multiple sources and delivering content in your large residential application.

Additionally the matrix switch has built-in intelligence to handle display identification and digital media copyright issues that can often plague an A/V network. You may have heard of the terms EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) and HDCP (HighBandwidth Digital Content Protection). Atlona matrix switchers have three methods for managing EDID. First they offer an AUTO management feature that outputs the highest common audio format and video resolution that all connected zones can support. Second, you can choose from twelve commonly required EDID presets supplied in the built-in Library. Finally with an Atlona matrix switch you have the unique ability to learn in an EDID and assign it to any of the input ports. Atlona matrix switchers are also HDCP compliant, which means you will never have content protection issues on a home network when using an Atlona switcher.

So how does a matrix switch solve the problem of sending an A/V signal over a long distance?

The answer is that the matrix switch must have integrated HDBaseT distribution ports. Ok, so what is HDBaseT and how does it solve my issue. HDBaseT is a connectivity standard that allows uncompressed HD multimedia content to route over a long distance on category cable. In fact, in some solutions, HDBaseT not only works for audio and video signals but will allow for control signals, Ethernet and power to be routed through the same category cable as well! When paired with CAT 5/6/6A/7 at 1080p will reach 100m with a 36bit signal. CAT6A is certainly the best cable to ensure these results with wider bandwidth and maintains strand geometry because of the internal spline holding the four twisted pairs in place. An HDBaseT capable matrix switch is ideal for larger residential installations because it enables an integrator to pull only one cable to each display location. Furthermore, with distance maximized at 328 feet, you will be able to reach even the furthest corner of a 16-zone residence.

At the display, the HDBaseT capable matrix switch works in tandem with an HDBaseT receiver called the AT-PRO2HDREC. This receiver extends IR, RS-232, audio and video content between sources and displays. The receiver also offers pass through support of up to 1080p or 1920×1200, 3D, 2Channel and Multi-channel audio. The HDBaseT HDMI Extender over Category Cable allows almost any audio/visual system set up to be used. One last feature you’re sure to love is the compact format of this receiver unit. The receiver is small enough to fit on a display making for convenient installation that is free of cable and equipment clutter.

In a multi-zoned installation it is common to find some zones that require two channels of audio; that’s a simple left and right speaker. Other areas like a theater or living room may be set up for surround sound. In this mixed audio environment, two zones with different audio configurations display the same source at the same time. For example, a Blu-ray player will default to the highest common audio format. In this case, it will be 2-channel audio. While this will sound perfect on the bedroom display, it will not sound so great on the five speakers in the theater. To resolve this issue, Atlona offers a product called the AT-HD-M2C.  The AT-HD-M2C will convert and downmix the audio signal in a 2-channel zone allowing for perfect sound in that location and ensuring that the theater will remain in top form, utilizing all surround speakers. The AT-HDM2C is an ideal product to pair with a matrix switcher.


Since the matrix switch allows a single source viewability in multiple locations, it is worth noting that the matrix model can reduce the total number of cable or satellite boxes needed in an installation. For a home owner, this is important as it will minimize the number of set top boxes that he/she will need to rent on a monthly schedule from their content provider.

The AT-PRO2HD88M and AT-PRO2HD1616M matrix switchers route sources to displays so devices can share multiple signals in multiple spaces simultaneously. Atlona’s PRO2HD matrix switchers offer the largest models of the PRO family, with HDBaseT signal transmission over long distances. Advanced IR and RS-232 control enable simpler system design and integration. Easy-to-pull, field-terminable cable means easier installs for broad and complex projects. Combining the industry’s most powerful technologies with advanced AV routing, the ProSeries distributes uncompressed digital AV over standard, twisted pair cabling sending signals up to 328ft. Now you can distribute content from virtually any source like Blu-Ray players, computers and laptops to any display or projector in multiform environments with confidence.


The PRO2HD series robust feature set is ideal for any commercial or residential application from conference rooms to living rooms alike. Learn how the PRO2HD series can transform your next job into a state-of-the-art application supported by dependable HD signal routing.



The AVProSupply Team will be at InfoComm 15 to See, Hear, and Experience What the AV World has to Offer.

Many of our partner manufacturers including Atlona, Gefen, Kramer, Avenview, AJA, SmartAVI, TVOne, Hall Research, Apantac and many others will be attending InfoComm 2015. The AVProSupply team is ready to be impressed by the coolest technology the show offers. InfoComm is by far the largest professional AV event in the world with close to 1000 exhibitors. It’s a once a year opportunity to see the latest in audiovisual technology and connect with peers to learn and grow personal networks.



Our Team will be roaming the floor pavillion to visit our partner vendors and capturing video content of their latest products. We’ll be visiting demo rooms to see, hear, and compare products from industry leaders. Our sales team will also be attending InfoComm University training and hands-on workshops to build on their skill sets. Many vendors we work with will also be offering exclusive behind the scenes technology tours of AV installations at local venues.

There’s no other event like InfoComm 15 where attendees will see, hear, learn, and experience so much while having fun doing it. AVProSupply has been attending InfoComm for the past 3 years and we have thrived from what InfoComm has to offer. Hopefully, we’ll see you there too!


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