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Video extenders are a very popular commodity in the AV market. Many applications require video signals to travel long distances without losing quality and regular cables can only take you so far. Extenders come in a form of a transmitter (sender) and receiver and are necessary for tasks that need a video signal to be sent a great length. In the AV world, extenders are made for signals including HDMI, DVI, VGA, USB, 3G/HD/SD-SDI, RS232, IR, DisplayPort, component, composite, and even wireless signals. With so many formats to account for, it’s easy to see why extenders are in high demand. A great example of an application in where an extender can be used efficiently would be in a residence. If a set top box or Blu ray is installed in the living room and you would like to watch from those sources in your bedroom which is 100ft away, without sacrificing resolution a video extender over UTP/category cable or coaxial is ideal. HDMI cables usually lose quality after 50ft and are more susceptible to encountering issues. Wireless extenders are fairly popular with boardrooms because of the ability to eliminate wires in a fast working environment. Fiber extenders are a great solution for longer runs, especially in a commercial setting where you need to extend over 1000ft. The demand for extenders applies towards different environments. In a residential setting, an extender in a small box can easily be tucked behind a display. In a boardroom setting, extenders that come in a wall plate version can project a sophisticated business. While we are on the subject of boardrooms, a few manufacturers have also developed extenders with multiple inputs on the transmission end such as HDMI and VGA with a built in scaler to send high resolution video signals to the receiver. In addition, they’ve also made extenders with multiple extension outputs to provide distributed signal to multiple displays. When working with multiple extension outputs, many devices have the capability to daisy chain allowing the signal to run through multiple devices in a sequence without degrading picture quality. We, at AVProSupply work diligently to research the most advanced technology in the AV industry. Our association with credible manufacturers made up of Atlona, Gefen, Kramer, Purelink, Avenview, TVOne, Magenta and Shinybow has given us the confidence to provide the best solution for your upcoming project.