PVI VeCOAX HDMI to RF Modulator Revives Your Old TV

Fred Flintstone watching TV VeCOAX HDMI to RF modulator

Still rocking your Fred Flintstone tube television? Do you need a digital tuner to view TV programming? Well, Yabba Dabba Doo not worry about a thing! The ProVideoInstruments VeCOAX MiniMod-2 HDMI to RF modulator converts HDMI signals so it passes through your existing coax cables, right onto your TV set.

The PVI VeCOAX MiniMod-2 supports full HD 1080p and Dolby Digital Audio. It can distribute your HDMI signal to an infinite number of TVs. Since the HDMI signal is converted and passes through the coax cable, this allows for a greater reach than with typical HDMI cables; all without needing extenders or signal boosters.

“There are other solutions out there but none that give users the control and scalability needed for more complex applications”, said Sarah Carli of PVI. “By using a simple splitter attached to a VeCOAX MiniMod-2, users can take their HDMI signal at full 1080p quality, to an unlimited number of TVs. That’s scalability”.

PVI VeCOAX MiniMod-2 HDMI to RF modulator front view

The HDMI to RF modulator is very user-friendly and setup can be done right on the device. It has a color LCD display providing users with simple plug-and-play installations. As for size, the VeCOAX MiniMod-2 is ultra compact with built-in tabs, allowing it to be mounted and installed practically anywhere without sacrificing functionality or quality. With universal compatibility and countless capabilities, this HDMI to RF modulator eliminates any need for new adapters or cables. Simply set the desired channel names/numbers, then rescan all TVs. The scan will find the VeCOAX MiniMod-2 channels as new available HDTV TV channels.

The VeCOAX MiniMod-2 outputs QAM, ATSC, ISDBT, DVBT, DVBC, and DMBT signals, all selected with the aforementioned built-in color LCD display and front-panel buttons. It has one HDMI input and two bi-directional coax F-type inputs. The two F connectors can either be used as two outputs or a loop-through input/output. Using one F connector as an input and the other as an output lets you add the HDMI source into the RF video from your antenna.

VeCOAX HDMI over coax distribution chart

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