Connect With Hall Research CHD-DE 4K Javelin Detachable HDMI Cables

4K Javelin detachable HDMI cables

Having trouble fitting your HDMI cables through walls and conduits? Then meet the Hall Research CHD-DE 4K Javelin™ active plenum detachable HDMI cables. Hall Research‘s line of detachable HDMI cables support all HDMI and DVI resolutions up to 4K. They have the added benefit of removable HDMI connector ends while the cables themselves have small micro HDMI sized connectors. This allows the HDMI cables to easily pass through wall fitments and narrow conduits.

The CHD-DE 4K Javelin detachable HDMI cables are made of a hybrid fiber optic and copper construction. They incorporate the latest in optoelectronic technology to send HDMI signals anywhere between 10–100 meters (33–333 feet).

Among the impressive features of the CHD-DE 4K Javelin cables is the ability to handle all resolutions and color depths, including non-standard video formats. The detachable HDMI cables can handle it all as long as the max data rate is no more than 10.2 Gbps.

The proprietary circuitry inside the HDMI connectors converts the video signals to light pulses. This provides a better defense against RFI and EMI interference and less of a chance for video dropouts from surrounding electromagnetic noise.

The CHD-DE 4K Javelin cables are simple plug-and-play and do not require an external power supply. They come with detachable HDMI connectors, with the option to purchase additional connectors allowing for DVI-to-HDMI or DVI-to-DVI setups. To aid with pulling the detachable HDMI cables through difficult spots, a pulling capsule with eyelet is included.

CHD-DE 4K Javelin detachable HDMI cables application diagram

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Hall Research CHD-DE 4K Javelin detachable HDMI cables:

CHD-DE10 (10 meters / 33 feet)

CHD-DE15 (15 meters / 50 feet)

CHD-DE23 (23 meters / 75 feet)

CHD-DE30 (30 meters / 100 feet)

CHD-DE46 (46 meters / 150 feet)

CHD-DE60 (60 meters / 200 feet)

CHD-DE100 (100 meters / 333 feet)