Complete Control With Inter-M NPX-8000 Audio Matrix System

Inter-M NPX-8000 audio matrix system auditorium

The Inter-M NPX-8000 audio matrix system is an 8 analog audio input/output channel solution allowing you to select and broadcast a variety of sources in any location. As modern buildings become grander and more diversified, central control systems are no longer able to meet market demands. Today, the market needs to use multi-bus broadcast systems in one building and establish a dispersion control system with a main controller possessing audio matrix functions.

Inter-M NPX-8000 audio matrix system

The Inter-M NPX-8000 audio matrix system enables you to broadcast diversified sources selectively. You can select the source they want and adjust the volume directly through the local controller and audio device in each output location. Additionally, the NPX-8000 provides high-performance THD and S/N along with various DSP (Digital Signal Processor) functions for tuning the input and output audio, setting up BGM broadcasting in locations where imaging and natural ambience are required.

local machine controller NLM-8000C

Through DSP in the NPX-8000, you can control EQ, LPF, HPF, Limiter, Programmable Delay, Mute, and Gain to achieve optimized sound in each audio environment. Using the PC management program MP-8000 or the local machine controller NLM-8000C, you can select the audio source and control each zone’s EQ and volume. The local machine controller also allows you to broadcast using your own sound sources through wall type audio input devices. You can also control and manage the system with the PC program or iOS mobile app. The PC program connects to the ethernet network.

NRM-8000A Desktop Remote Paging Microphone Station

With the NRM-8000A Desktop Remote Paging Microphone Station, you can do paging broadcast with the remote MIC for announcements and calling. You can choose broadcasting zones with the front LCD and 10-key buttons as well as broadcast sign-on and -off with the chime button.

NLM-8000A Wall Mount Remote Control with Local Microphone

The NLM-8000A is an audio input local machine for wall type audio inputs. It not only broadcasts a local area, but also every area by L & R line input and a microphone input.

The NPX-8000 audio matrix system is an ideal solution where high quality BGM (background music) is needed; places like exhibition venues, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, and restaurants. It’s also great for educational facilities like seminar rooms, conference centers, and auditoriums requiring clear, pristine sound.

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