BZBGEAR Brings Live Streaming, Video Conferencing Solutions

Live streaming. Video conferencing. Distance learning. Working from home. Terms we are growing accustomed to in 2020. Fortunately these avenues are more accessible than ever with the power of today’s cameras and smartphones, along with the reach of the internet, allowing millions to broadcast and communicate every day. Live streaming and video conferencing are a vital way of staying connected and BZBGEAR® is ensuring we all have those options available.

Webcams and Speakerphones

When family members, colleagues, or doctors and patients are unable to meet, video conferencing becomes a great option. It uses cameras, speakerphones, and monitors to bring it all together.

Unlike typical phones and laptops, webcams offer unparalleled high-resolution image quality. BZBGEAR webcams offer up to 4K resolutions with capabilities such as auto focus, auto framing, and digital zoom. They’re compatible with Mac or Windows PC, connecting to the USB ports. They also support a number of audio formats including AAC, MP4, and PCM.

PTZ Cameras and IP Streaming

Pan. Tilt. Zoom. PTZ cameras with IP streaming capabilities give you the ultimate control and flexibility. Ideal for business meetings and perfect during live event productions. Their compact designs allow operating in any space. Simple plug-and-play with CAT, HDMI, and USB cables. Custom control setups via user interfaces get you ready to connect to a Zoom meeting, a live stream on YouTube, or host an exclusive event on a private IP address.

Live Streaming in The Digital Age

Imagine a studio setup extending beyond live recording. Include an IP PTZ camera to an acoustic-rated studio and you have a setting for your audience. An IP PTZ camera lets you live stream and record your performance. Your recorded copy can then be edited for other social media uses. Create a green room studio for other live events like podcasts and the possibilities are infinite.

Live streaming and video conferencing for school, business, and personal use is becoming a communication necessity. Businesses will continue to spend on video content and the live streaming industry will only grow as video consumption continues to rise.