How an HDMI Extender Solves Your Most Basic AV Need

An HDMI extender solves one of the most basic, and required, elements of creating a successful audiovisual environment, be it commercial or home: the ability to send audio and video a very far length. 

HDMI cables are magical wiring; supplying impeccable audio and video signals to a range of formats. But like Aladdin’s Genie, the magic has its limits. 50 feet, to be exact. Well, not exact exact, but that’s the general reach of HDMI cables. Anything past that and your Disney’s Aladdin turns into horror’s Poltergeist! Maybe static, maybe loss of picture, maybe you getting stuck in the picture. Creepy stuff. 

One way to keep that smooth magical carpet ride going is with an HDMI extender. They send audio/video long distances using CAT Ethernet cables. So a transmitter unit connects with your source, a receiver unit with your display, and the two units by your network. It’s a whole new world! Ok, last Aladdin reference.

A pair of great solutions for extending your HDMI signals are the BZB-EXHD for 1080p and BZB-EXH-50 for 4K. Both units can send their respective signals 164 feet (50 meters), they have IR control, and they support audio formats Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD. These HDMI extenders also have an HDMI loop out allowing you to loop the input source (e.g., cable box) from the transmitter unit to a different local display, even to an HDMI switcher.


The BZB-EXHD is perfect for those who don’t yet have 4K devices or have displays in secondary areas of your home or business where 4K is not important. Areas in homes like kitchens or guest rooms, or in sports bars like outdoor patios where 1080p will suffice.


For locations where 4K is critical and can really be appreciated, the BZB-EXH-50 is the choice. It supports 4K/HDR at 18Gbps and is also HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2/HDCP 1.4, and DVI 1.0 compliant.

Check out the demo video of these two HDMI extenders. You can click the link or scroll to the top of this article. 

As with all BZB Gear products, the BZB-EXHD and BZB-EXH-50 are backed by a two-year warranty along with free tech support seven days a week.

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