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Component Video Switcher

Component and RGBHV are analog interfaces that are commonly used in projector and home theater applications. Component and RGB are older standards and have been replaced by digital video interfaces; however consumer-level and commercial applications still use component and RGB switchers. Component video is capable of transmitting many signals from 480i and up to 1080p. Also, many new HDTV’s support component video up to 1080p and higher. Component and RGB Switchers are made in different flavors including simple switchers (e.g., 4x1 switcher), fixed I/O’s matrix switchers or a customizable KVM switcher.

High quality signal clarity is maintained when components of a video signal are separated, allowing the video signal to escape interference from other signals. Component Video is the result of a signal that was separated. S-Video, RGB, and YPBPR signals comprise of two or more separate signals; hence are all component-video signals.

RGBS, RGBHV, RGBS and RGsB are various RGB (red, green, blue) analog component video standards that don’t use compression or no real limit on color depth including resolution. However, large bandwidth is required to contain redundant data and to carry the signal. A great example where RGB is used widely are arcade game monitors. RGB and component are slowly losing taste though, since computers obtain higher clarity via displayport or DVI connections and home theater systems favor HDMI. RGB hasn’t really gained any ground in consumer electronics because S-Video would suffice for the user, but RGB has been used immensely in commercial, professional and high end applications.

It’s always a great idea to do your homework when shopping for a Component/RGBHV switcher to suit your application. A great rule of thumb is knowing the number of I/O’s you need now and if you will be expanding in the future. Next, decide if you need audio and find out how many outputs you’ll need. In addition, knowing the length from the source to the switcher and from the switcher to your display or displays is critical. Also, make sure your sources are compatible with component/RGBHV, otherwise you may need a converter. Lastly, think about how you would like to control you switcher; a few options are IR remote, front panel, RS-232 or IP.

BZB Express has been in the AV industry for over 10 years with partners from industry leading manufacturers such as Atlona, Kramer, Gefen, Sierra Video, TVOne, Magenta, Shinybow and Avenview just to name a few. If you have any questions and are having a difficult time with your application and choosing the right Component/RGBHV switcher, please give us a call and one of our tech savvy representatives can assist you.


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Aten VS231 2 Port Component Video/ Audio HDTV Switch

SKU: VS231
MSRP Price: $ 149.95
Out of stock

Aten VS431 4 Port Component Video/ Audio HDTV Switch

SKU: VS431
MSRP Price: $ 199.95
Out of stock

Atlona AT-COMP-44M 4x4 Component Video with Stereo and Digital Audio Matrix Switch

MSRP Price: $ 649.99
Out of stock

Atlona AT-COMP-64M Atlona 6x4 Component with Stereo Audio Matrix Switch

MSRP Price: $ 649.99

Atlona AT-COMP-88M 8x8 Component Video with Analog and Digital Audio Matrix Switch

MSRP Price: $ 1999.99
Out of stock

Audio Authority 1154B 4x1 Component Autoselect Switcher with IR Remote

SKU: 1154B
MSRP Price: $ 313.00

AV Tool AVT-5841 Component/YPbPr Video and Stereo Audio 4x1 Switcher

SKU: AVT-5841
MSRP Price: $ 79.00
Out of stock

AV Tool AVT-5842MX 4x2 Component/YPbPr/YCbCr  Video Matrix Switcher

MSRP Price: $ 249.00
Out of stock

Shinybow SB-5460 4x2 Component Routing Switcher( IR) - 230Mhz

SKU: SB-5460
MSRP Price: $ 129.00

Shinybow SB-5466 4x2 Component Routing Switcher( IR) - 700MHz

SKU: SB-5466
MSRP Price: $ 299.00
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