How Our New Demo Room Connects All Your Senses

demo room video wall

Have you ever been to a grocery store and at the end of an aisle was someone cooking? Your eyes widen and mouth waters, as your nose leads you to that delectable aroma. This is known as a product demonstration, or “demo” for short. A demo is a promotion of a product being sampled to inform and generate interest. Demoing products is a fantastic way for the customer to get a firsthand, tangible experience with a particular item.


demo room full view


The benefits of a demo room

As we welcome 2017, we’d also like to welcome the newest addition to the AVProSupply office—a demo room! As a distributor for professional AV and broadcast equipment, we realize the promise of our partner vendors. The importance of a demo room cannot be overstated: it allows us to discover the full potential and functionality of their products. Our team can fully immerse themselves in new technology. We can evaluate, review, and compare the host of devices from our trusted partners. Additionally, our partners can utilize our demo room to conduct presentations and showcases.


Demo room creates a worry-free customer experience

Ultimately, the demo room is for our customers. By further educating our team on the products we carry, we can better educate our customers. Therefore, finding more efficient solutions to each of their unique applications. Customers will also have the opportunity to preview devices they are interested in. This will offer peace of mind and a risk-free environment when deciding on their investment.


We’re excited for all the possibilities and ideas our demo room will invite. Be sure to stop by AVProSupply and contact us with your application inquiries—we’re eager to be challenged! And we’re certain our demo room will provide an experience as appetizing as those sausage links grilling down the meat aisle.