How to Consolidate Your Devices with a 4K HDMI Switch Box

HDMI cablesHow will a 4K HDMI switch box benefit your home theater system and your sanity? Say you have six different HDMI devices including a cable box and gaming system, but not enough inputs on your TV. As a result, you embark on the never-ending mission of switching ports. Creeping up to your TV, you prop yourself against the wall and reach blindly into the abyss of cables and cobwebs. Your fingers fish around and catch hold of a few cables, and like your favorite action hero deciding whether to cut the red or green wire, you find yourself in the same predicament. Your arm begins to tire and unwelcomed sweat invites itself on your brow. You steady your hand and grasp one of the cables. But before you commit to disconnecting, you quickly grab the other cable, shut your eyes, and pull!

I enjoy a good suspense story, but let’s keep the suspense (and all the action) for the movies and not the setup. Enter DVDO’s Quick6R 4K Ultra HD HDMI switcher—now say that three times fast! This 4K HDMI switch box has six HDMI inputs to connect six compatible devices, while the two HDMI outputs can run two displays simultaneously, or one display and one AV receiver. Featuring InstaPrevue technology, you get a live picture-in-picture preview of each connected HDMI device, removing the guesswork when switching between them all. An auto-switch feature further simplifies the process by determining what you want to watch when turning particular devices on or off, and then automatically switching to the desired source. Couple that with InstaPort S technology, which delivers near-instantaneous switching, and you have a simple, seamless solution for handling your many devices.


DVDO Quick6R 4K HDMI switch box (front)

DVDO Quick6R 4K HDMI switch box (back)


The newest feature of the Quick6R is its support of the Roku Streaming Stick, providing instant access to over 1500 channels in 1080p video quality. Just insert the Roku Streaming Stick into one of the two MHL ports and you’re ready to stream—no wires or additional remote needed as the Quick6R remote supports full Roku functionality.

What also sets the Quick6R from other professional HDMI switchers is the ability to integrate with existing AV receivers, saving you cost and time. Not only does it upgrade your current home theater with the latest audio and visual features, but it also future-proofs you with 4K Ultra HD support.

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