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Composite Switch

When searching for the right composite switcher for your application, keep in mind that composite uses two types of connectors which are RCA and BNC. If the components that you plan on connecting have these connector types, then you are fine. Composite video is the most common analog video interface and carries standard definition video quality at 480i or 576i resolution.

Typically, the standard formats for composite are NTSC, PAL and SECAM. Composite Switchers come in different flavors including a simple 4 input by 1 output switcher, fixed input and output, matrix, modular as well as seamless. In addition, controlling many composite switchers is simple using the front panel buttons, IR or RS-232.

The composite era is nearing its end with the rise of High Definition Multimedia Interface better known as HDMI; however composite switchers are still in use in gaming centers, training facilities and commercial applications. We stock the most advanced composite switchers from industry leading manufacturers including Atlona, Gefen, Kramer, Hall Research, Shinybow, TVOne, Matrox and many more. If you are still confused and have questions, please give as a call regarding your application and we’ll certainly point you towards the right direction.


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A-NeuVideo ANI-V3232 32x32 Composite MAtrix Switcher (CLONE)

SKU: ANI-V3232
MSRP Price: $ 6238.00

Kramer 4x1V 4x1 Composite Video Mechanical Switcher

SKU: 4x1V
MSRP Price: $ 165.00

Kramer 4x1VB 4x1 Composite Video Mechanical Switcher

SKU: 4x1VB
MSRP Price: $ 165.00

Kramer VS-162V 16x16 Composite Video Matrix Switcher (90MHz)

SKU: VS-162V
MSRP Price: $ 1950.00

Kramer VS-24xl 2x1 Composite Video and Balanced Stereo Audio Standby Switcher

SKU: VS-24xl
MSRP Price: $ 495.00

Kramer VS-3232V 32x32 Composite Video Matrix Switcher (300MHz)

SKU: VS-3232V
MSRP Price: $ 4995.00
Out of stock

Kramer VS-3232Vxl 32x32 Composite Video Matrix Switcher (500MHz)

SKU: VS-3232Vxl
MSRP Price: $ 6495.00
Out of stock

Kramer VS-33Vxl 3x1 Composite Video Switcher

SKU: VS-33Vxl
MSRP Price: $ 355.00

Kramer VS-41AV 4x1 Composite Video and Stereo Audio Mechanical Switcher

MSRP Price: $ 240.00

Kramer VS-55V 5x1 Composite Video Switcher

MSRP Price: $ 530.00
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