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Bulk Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cables was designed back in the 1880’s, however their unique construction which involves an inner copper core conductor with an insulating layer which is then surrounded by a tubular conducting shield and an insulating outer layer has assisted in the longevity of this product. Coaxial cables can be found pre-wired in many homes today and cable companies profit everyday from its development. Coaxial cables are used for cable TV signals, computer network connections and radio frequency signals. The common use of coaxial cables is due to the fact that the cable can provide protection of a signal caused by electromagnetic interference from the development of an inner and outer conductor. Coaxial cables may be installed next to gutters and other metal objects and still provide a high quality signal.


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Kramer BC-1X-300M 1 Coax RG-6 Bulk Cable - 985ft

SKU: BC-1X-300M
MSRP Price: $ 350.00

Kramer BC-1X59-100M 1 Coax RG-59 Bulk Cable - 328ft

SKU: BC-1X59-100M
MSRP Price: $ 120.00

Kramer BC-1X59-300M 1 Coax RG-59 Bulk Cable - 985ft

SKU: BC-1X59-300M
MSRP Price: $ 429.00

Kramer BC-2S18-1000 Bulk Speaker Cable 18AWG - 1000 ft

SKU: BC-2S18-1000
MSRP Price: $ 195.00
Out of stock

Kramer BC-3X-100M 3 Coax 28 AWG Mini Coax Bulk Cable - 328ft

SKU: BC-3X-100M
MSRP Price: $ 220.00

Kramer BC-5X-100M 5 Conductor Hi-Res Mini-Coax (28 AWG) Bulk Cable - 328ft

SKU: BC-5X-100M
MSRP Price: $ 395.00

Kramer BC-5X-300M 5 Conductor Hi-Res Mini-Coax (28 AWG) Bulk Cable - 985ft

SKU: BC-5X-300M
MSRP Price: $ 1195.00

Kramer BC-5X26-100M 5 Conductor Enhanced Resolution Hi-Res Mini-Coax (26 AWG) Bulk Cable - 328ft

SKU: BC-5X26-100M
MSRP Price: $ 389.00

Kramer BC-5X5S-100M 5 Conductor Mini-Coax (28 AWG) + 5 Single Strands Bulk Cable - 328ft

SKU: BC-5X5S-100M
MSRP Price: $ 309.00

Kramer BC-RG63G-152M 1 Coax RG-6 Broadcast Quality 3G HD-SDI Bulk Cable 500ft

SKU: BC-RG63G-152M
MSRP Price: $ 500.00
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