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9922-2FS 3G/SDI D-Ch Framesync Card w A/V/AES/AA Embed / CVBS I/O by Cobalt Digital

SKU: 9922-2FS
9922-2FS 3G/SDI D-Ch Framesync Card w A/V/AES/AA Embed / CVBS I/O by Cobalt Digital

9922-2FS 3G/SDI D-Ch Framesync Card w A/V/AES/AA Embed / CVBS I/O by Cobalt Digital

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    Cobalt Digital
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    5 Years
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The all-new Cobalt® 9922-2FS 3G/HD/SD-SDI Dual-Channel Framesync with Audio/Video Processing, AES/Analog Audio Embedding/De-Embedding and CVBS I/O offers two independent signal paths of framesync / audio embedding and de-embedding on a single ...
  • Brand
    Cobalt Digital
  • SKU
  • Weight
    2.00 lbs
  • Warranty
    5 Years
  • Condition
  • Status
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The all-new Cobalt® 9922-2FS 3G/HD/SD-SDI Dual-Channel Framesync with Audio/Video Processing, AES/Analog Audio Embedding/De-Embedding and CVBS I/O offers two independent signal paths of framesync / audio embedding and de-embedding on a single open-Gear® card. Using our HPF-9000 20-slot frame, this provides up to 40 channels of processing in a single frame. 9922-2FS represents a whole new level of openGear packaging density!

Advanced framesync features include per-channel audio delay, audio/video offset, and output rate conversion to and from 23.98/29.97/29.94 to 24/30/60 frame rates. Frame sync can select from multiple reference inputs, with failover to alternate selected sources. Each path can independently use either of two frame references or internal reference.

Audio embed adaptive SRC allows asynchronous 48 kHz AES audio to automatically sync with program video 48 kHz timing for glitch-free embedding. Individual, per-pair SRC auto-detects and disables SRC when a Dolby pair is detected on an input pair. Bulk and per-channel audio delay controls easily address lip-sync issues.

A convenient input crosspoint with RP168 clean switching can select from up to four SDI inputs to be applied to either of the card’s two processing paths. The input crosspoint allows manual selection of input via remote control or GPIO, or failover to alternate inputs on loss of input conditions. For each path, two discrete character burn strings can be inserted on output video, with each string inserted as static text and/or insert only upon LOS. Moving-box insertion can be enabled to serve as a dynamic raster confidence check even when the input video image is static. Included standard is closed captioning absence/presence detection that allows CEA 608/708 and line 21 SD CC absence or presence to be detected.

With option +ANC, the 9902-UDX offers full VANC/HANC ancillary data packet de-embedding and embedding for 3G/HD/SD-SDI streams. The easy to use interface allows direct access to DID and SDID locations to extract or insert user data such as camera PTZ, SCTE 104, closed-captioning read/insert, GPI/GPO via ANC, or other specialized user payloads. Data can be extracted and inserted within the card, (Bridge mode), or inserted and/or extracted to and from external interface via serial or IP interfaces.

The space-saving design of the 9922-2FS provides for high density, allowing two cards to be collocated in adjacent slots and served by a single, standard width “split” rear module. This provides four video paths per each pair of slots, readily providing 20 channels of processing in only 10 slots. Two independent paths with fully independent user delays is perfect for setting up path delays for key/fill video. Preset save/load allows saving custom card settings while allowing one-button revert to factory settings. Layered presets allow invoking changes related only to a specific area of concern (audio routing, for example) while not changing any other processing settings or aspects. Full user DashBoard™ or Remote Control Panel remote control allows full status and control access locally or across a standard Etherenet network. GPIO allows direct input routing control and status monitoring.


  • Two independent processing paths per card – 20 channels of processing in only 10 slots
  • Multi-input RP168 clean switch, with manual selection or GPI controlled input selection. Path inputs can also be sourced from opposite path output with no external patching.
  • Auto-Changeover can be set to invoke failover for basic input loss. Quality Check option (+QC) provides alert actions on criteria such as black/frozen frame, audio silence, and closed-captioning absence. Threshold and hold-off are user configurable.
  • Moving-box insertion serves as a dynamic raster confidence check even in cases where the input video image is static
  • Framesync with full H/V offset and manual/LOS video pattern generator
  • Per-path dual independent burn-in text string insertion allows condition-based insertion (such as basic ID text for valid input and different text message for failover conditions)
  • Option +ANC adds full user VANC/HANC packet insertion/extraction access to DID/SDID ancillary data such as camera PTZ, SCTE 104, closed captioning, and other specialized user payloads. Multi-mode setup includes Bridge mode (card internal path with bypass bridging) or Insert/Extract modes for insert/extract to or from IP/serial external interfaces.
  • Timecode processing can prioritize, filter for, and convert between specific SMPTE embedded-video or audio LTC, with output/burn-in timecode using selected format
  • Advanced audio processing allows routing, gain, delay, and flexible mixing as standard features
  • Full audio crosspoint with delay control and 5.1-to-stereo downmix available for all audio outputs
  • CVBS analog video I/O and analog/AES embed / de-embed with 4-line Adaptive Comb Filter
  • Video options include color correction and keying
  • Pattern generator for each channel can provide raster/test pattern and patterns for LOS failover insertion
  • Low-power/high-density design – less than 18 Watts per card
  • Remote control/monitoring via Dashboard™ software or OGCP-9000 remote control panels
  • Five year warranty

Power < 18 Watts

SDI Input/Outputs Up to (4) 75Ω BNC inputs Up to (4) 75Ω BNC outputs (selectable as processed SDI Path 1 or Path 2, or selected input reclocked) SDI Formats Supported: SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 424M SDI Receive Cable Length: 3G/HD/SD: 120/180/320 m (Belden 1694A) SDI Return Loss: >15 dB up to 1.485 GHz; >10 dB up to 2.970 GHz SDI Alignment Jitter: 3G/HD/SD: < 0.3/0.2/0.2 UI Timing Jitter: 3G/HD/SD: < 2.0/1.0/0.2 UI Minimum Latency (framesync disabled):   SD: 127 pixels; 9.4 us   720p: 330 pixels; 4.45 us   1080i: 271 pixels; 3.65 us   1080p: 361 pixels; 2.43 us Note: SDI Return loss and receive cable length are affected by rear I/O module used. Specifications represent typical performance.

CVBS Video Input/Outputs (1) 75Ω BNC input (1) 75Ω BNC output (selectable as Path 1 or Path 2 processed output). CVBS output functional only when selected path is carrying SD-SDI.  ADC resolution: 9-bit Sampling frequency: 27 MHz (2x over-sampling) Y/C separation: 4 line Adaptive Comb Filter Freq. Response: ± 0.25 dB to 5.5 MHz SNR: > 50 dB to 5.5 MHz (unweighted) Differential Phase: < 1 degree Differential Gain: < 1% Nonlinearity < 1%

Discrete Audio Input/Outputs AES-3id 75Ω inputs (8 pair (16-Ch) max) AES-3id 75Ω outputs (8 pair (16-Ch) max) Input AES SRC Range: 32 to 96 kHz Balanced analog audio inputs (4-Ch max) Balanced analog audio outputs (4-Ch max)  (I/O conforms to 0 dBFS = +24 dBu) Analog Output Impedance: < 50Ω Analog Reference Level: -20 dBFS Analog Nominal Level: +4 dBu Analog Max Output Level: +24 dBu (0 dBFS) Analog Freq. Response: ±0.2 dB (20 Hz to 20 kHz) Analog SNR: 115 dB (A weighted) Analog Analog THD+N: -96 dB (20 Hz to 10 kHz) Analog Crosstalk: -106 dB (20 Hz to 20 kHz)

Framesync Audio/VIdeo Delay Standard max offset: 20 frames Option +DLY max offset: 390 frames (1077 ms / 2161 ms / 11500 ms (3G / HD / SD) Latency (min): 1 frame

User Audio Delay Offset from Video Bulk delay control: -33 msec to +3000 msec. Per-channel delay controls: -800 msec to +800 msec

Timecode Insertion/Burn-In Per-path burn-in and embedded video output timecode selected via user controls from input video SMPTE embedded timecode and/or audio LTC. Burn-in enable/disable user controls. Configurable for burn-in string of seconds, seconds:frames, seconds:frames:field. User controls for text size and H/V position.

Text Burn-In (2) independent strings per path supported. Independent insertions controls for enable/disable and enable upon LOS. User controls for text size and H/V position.

GPIO/COMM (2) GPI configurable to select input routing. (2) GPO configurable to invoke upon input selected. RS-232/485 comm port.

Frame Reference Input (2) reference from frame bus or selected program video ref sources. SMPTE 170M/318M “Black Burst”, SMPTE 274M/296M “Tri-Level”. Return Loss: >35 dB up to 5.75 MHz

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